Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finding an Apartment

First order of business upon arriving in Elizabeth City was to find an apartment. I had tried last week to get in contact with property owners and apartment complexes. I found that many did not have openings, but some did right downtown. How soon could I move in, possibly the day I came and viewed the apartment.
So we started with that property management company. The first place had not been cleaned. There was a water spot in the carpet, which by the way was old. The bathroom wasn't even in the bedroom. Only good thing is the semi-new appliances.
The next place was the next street over. You had to go through an alleyway and unsteady stairs to get to the second floor. Upon entering the hallway to the apartment you smelled smoke. When I entered the space, I immediately saw a cockroach. This scratched it right of the list. Oh and my mom swears she saw rat remnants.
The last of that property owner was a nice one bedroom/bath with new carpet and was getting a fresh coat of paint. However, the price did not include all utilities and would get me up to $800 for housing. It was a last resort.
I would then go visit a house 2 blocks from work. It had old carpet, a fridge blocking part of the highway to bedroom, a dead cockroach, etc. It wouldn't break the budget, but I was not thrilled about living there.
So my mom and I went to the coffeeshop to crunch numbers. I would barely be able to live off of the nicer apartment. So my mom asked the barista about places to live. The nice lady recommended River Wind apartments, a place I had been trying to get in touch with for the past week.
So we adventured to the complex which is right by the water. We found the owner who had two open apartments. One had an application being worked on and the other needed carpet. The one with the application did not have a bath tub and was smaller. The one without carpet was bigger and had great light. Plus, all utilities were included. Yeah!
So I chose the bigger apartment, put down the deposit. And cross my fingers that I can move in this weekend.

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Marcy said...

Looks like luck is
on your side :)