Saturday, June 14, 2008


I visited the grocery store today. I just wanted to see if I could find things I normally ate in Austin or Dallas were available. First I went to the SoHo Organic Market only to be disappointed. The potatoes were shriveled up and the bananas were turning a taupeish yellow (very weird). Shelves were barren and the only "local" thing I could find was honey. There was no recently caught fish, only frozen salmon from Alaska that a local fisherman caught last year. It wasn't promising. The only good thing is that I could by bulk items like you could at Whole Foods or Central Market.
Later on in the day I went to the regular grocery store to pick up bananas. Once there I decided to look around. I went through the freezer section and the dairy section, gapping at the prices. Then I moved down to the meat, finding lamb, pork, and tripe. Whooo wait what? Yes folks, I looked down to see tripe-the lining of the cows stomach- right before my eyes. My mouth dropped. Tripe in a grocery store?
My eyes wandered from it to find beef livers and tongue, oxtails, etc. It wasn't your usual fair I had seen in any Texas grocery store I visited. These are things I never saw before. Of course I had heard of them, seen Anthony Bourdain play with, but never seen up close.
It was an eye opener. Will I be eating it anytime soon? If someone else prepares it, sure, but not in my kitchen.

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