Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adventures on the Road

So here I am in my new home of Elizabeth City, sitting in my hotel room. It took 2 very long days to get here.
I left early Sunday morning, my blue Honda filled with clothes, art, cameras, and enough stuff to survive me for 2 weeks without the rest of my boxes. This is because my stuff was coming in two long trips. One trip was with me behind the wheel, the other by my wonderful father who will come in a week or two.
First goal was to make it out of the drive way without bottoming out. Thankfully that didn't happen. I made the corner and onto the highway and didn't look back. I drove through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and to Atlanta, Georgia all in one day. It was 14 hours on the road. It was tiring and long, very much like my trip to L.A. in December.
I didn't sleep well that night and we got up early the next morning to make it to North Carolina in good time. So we drove through Georgia, South Carolina, and finally made it to North Carolina. Nine hours on the road and we finally make it to Elizabeth City. We get out of the car and its 100 degrees outside. Sweat immediately comes to the brow. I thought I left Texas, but it seems that Texas heat followed me to the water.
Finally, arriving in my destination I hit the Bar-b-que Barn for a barbeque sandwich "dressed" before hitting the bed for the night.

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Marcy said...

That is definitely a long trip! I'm glad your last day was shorter :)

So the heat may have followed you, but only so you wouldn't forget TX! Haha. Send me your address soon!!

And take pictures for me.
Be excited! New adventureee, yay!

<3 Marcy